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Vibrational Sound Therapy 
for Children with Juvenile Arthritis

“The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganize the body’s structure.

Sounds that are harmonious activate the body and create healing.”

Barbara Marciniak

Himalayan Singing Bowls are believed to be one of the first instruments crafted by mankind living in the Himalayas around the time of Buddha. They were mostly used in monasteries and temples for religious and spiritual ceremonies to invoke meditation and deep relaxation. As they are still most commonly associated with Eastern spiritual traditions, their use has been incorporated into the “new age” spiritual practices of the West.


Vibrational Sound Therapy using Therapeutic Singing Bowls

Therapeutic singing bowls are bowls crafted specifically for vibrational sound therapy, but differ in many aspects from the traditional and modern Himalayan or Tibetan singing bowls. In therapeutic singing bowls the metal mixture is modified to provide an extremely resonant alloy. The notable differences in tone between a therapeutic singing bowl and a Himalayan singing bowl are the subdued volume and the purity of tone.


How does Vibrational Sound Therapy work?

Recent studies examining the positive effects of therapeutic singing bowls confirm that vibrational sound induces the relaxation response and promotes healing of various illnesses. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VTS) is the use of sound and vibrations at varying frequencies to initiate the relaxation response and achieve an increased parasympathetic tone, a state of deep rest. The sound shifts the brain waves into an alpha or theta state. Theta waves occur during REM sleep, hypnosis and deep meditation. While the sound induces relaxation, maintains homeostasis, stimulates the immune system and heals on a cellular level, the vibrations emitted from the singing bowls oscillate with an energetically high frequency, like that of the “Om” mantra, and provide a ‘cellular massage.’ Together they achieve a heightened therapeutic effect by stimulating circulation, eliminating toxins, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing muscle tension, reducing pain, improving sleep and recovery from illness or trauma, and treating neurological disorders.

Adding water to a singing bowl and striking the bowl with a mallet is a great way to illustrate the power of sound waves in a liquid medium. The percentage of body composition that is water in babies and young children is between 70% and 80%. When one or more therapeutic singing bowls are placed directly onto the body and their sound and vibrations are initiated by the Measured Strike Technique, the body water will absorb the waves of the vibrations. These sound waves are transmitted directly into the blood stream, carrying waste and toxins away from the cells by flushing them out of the body, thereby supplying the body with essential substances such as oxygen.


“Every cell pulsates, absorbs, reflects and interacts

with the acoustic oscillations of the medium.”

Guiliana Conforto


Sound healing is one of the most easily accessible and affordable forms of therapy and healing. In consultation and coordination with your child’s primary healthcare provider, I recommend integrating Vibrational Sound Therapy between your child’s doctor visits and monitoring potential benefits of this whole person care approach.

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