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Meet Jutta

Founder of Henrici Holistic Healing

Jutta Henrici is a practicing IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, authorized Awareness Through Movement® Teacher, Certified Ayurveda Health Advisor, Vibrational Sound Therapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2017, she began to evaluate safe, effective, non-invasive, and affordable complementary therapies as an effective holistic approach to treat Juvenile Arthritis and has ever since expanded her knowledge in understanding the implications that arise from this debilitating illness. She has been studying case studies of children afflicted with JA and possible causes that could be at the root of this autoimmune disease.


She finds that movement is crucial to build and keep healthy muscle tone to protect vulnerable joints. Yoga Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness through Movement® and Functional Integration® offer a patient-centered approach to healthy movement from which the child benefits in everyday activity. Measured Massage Therapy coupled with Vibrational Sound Therapy purifies the body’s tissues which causes cells to release toxins that accumulate due to inflammation. As significant as movement is, so is healthy nutrition. Ayurveda (the ancient healing tradition in India and the oldest of all medical systems) teaches, “You are what you can digest.” Ayurvedic Therapy is customized to each individual and is concerned with the root causes of a disease. There is no drug in Ayurveda that acts like a medical drug. Ayurveda is a lifestyle that promises, with patient’s compliance, everlasting vibrant health.

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